BST - The multi-platform Propeller Tool Suite

bst is an attempt at creating a multi-platform tool suite for developing with the Parallax Propeller

Gratuitous screen shot from Linux

Ubuntu Linux 9.10 as originally released contains a bug in the ftdi driver in the kernel.
Please make sure you are using the _latest_ Ubuntu kernel to avoid this issue

Big flashy disclaimer : We have no formal training in computer science. While it is all well tested, like all software it is sure to have bugs. Some of these bugs will cause it to crash or misrepresent what you were asking it to do. While we take all care, we take no responsibility for your work, data or any other possible damage.

Having said that, we take great pains not to lose your data, so if it does do something nasty and you can reproduce it. Please tell us and we'll fix it.

The bst suite of tools comprises :

  • bstl - The command line loader
  • This little application simply allows you to load pre-compiled .binary and .eeprom files into your propeller.
    It is a command line application that takes optional parameters and a file name.

  • bstc - The command line compiler
  • bstc is a completely Parallax syntax compatible SPIN and PASM compiler and linker.
    In addition to being able to compile and load a Propeller, it has a few additional features often requested by users (like being able to emit a list file, some basic optimisation, and zip file generation)

  • bst - The GUI IDE
  • bst is a fairly complete Integrated Development Environment that aims (and still falls short) to be eventually comparable and compatible with the Parallax Propeller Tool.
    bst is structured to be a work-alike to the Parallax Propeller Tool so that new users will find the Parallax documentation familiar enough to be able to start from scratch without being plunged into an unfamiliar environment.

    Unless you have a very good reason, always use the latest code. Download Here : bst    bstc   bstl

    The biggest hurdle for new users in getting bst functioning properly is the installation of a suitable Font. A modified version of the Parallax Propeller Font can be found linked from the "Propeller Wiki" here : Please install this font prior to running bst the first time and it will ensure the smoothest installation.

    Note : Do not simply copy the font from a Windows installation of the Propeller Tool, it will not work

    Mac users : please install the FTDI SIO driver from the ftdichip website.

    bst and friends now have a manual. The manual is under constant development and improvement, however the latest version can always be found in this directory : Manual

    Like bstc, bst has several features not found in other Propeller development tools, such as an integrated code listing window, basic serial debug terminal and complete project file management. bst also allows you to associate each editor window to a Propeller to allow easy management of multiple Propeller projects.

    bst also has a native interface to Terry Hitt's PropBASIC compiler, allowing seamless integration of SPIN and PropBASIC projects in the bst IDE environment. Please download the latest PropBASIC binary for your platform here : PropBASIC Binaries

    Bugs, niggles or issues with any of the tools can be reported directly to the author ( by removing the from NOSPAMPLEASE from the E-mail address.

    Additionally, often updates, changelogs or bugs are reported in the Parallax Propeller Forums The development of bstl, bstc and bst can be followed on the Parallax forum threads linked below, and release notes and Changelogs are often posted in the top post.

    bstl thread -
    bstc thread -
    bst thread -

    All tools are presented in binary form and target the Windows Win32 platform, Linux i386 and MacOS X Intel and PowerPC
    bstl & bstc are command line tools that have been tested in a Windows XP environment, Linux i386 and x86-64, and both Intel and PowerPC OSX 10.4, 10.5 & 10.6

    A brief list of some features that differentiate bst from other Propeller development tools

    The QA procedures applied prior to an "official" release of any of the bst tend to be quite time consuming, so to speed up the "bug-fix" process, as issues are identified and fixed, periodic binary snapshots of the current development code will be uploaded to the snapshot directory. As these have not been through the QA process, we make even fewer guarantees that any of the code is "fit for purpose", however it does represent the binaries we are currently using ourselves.

    Latest development snapshots

    If you are a Windows user and looking for setup.exe, you will find one Here

    All contents Copyright © Brad Campbell 2009,2010 - Last updated 23/04/2010